Home Run Derby - SoftballClassic.com

The Softball Classic Home Run Madness Derby was introduced in 2005, during the Seventh Annual Softball Classic.

The Derby takes place during the hours leading up to the softball games. Since aluminum bats are used and the players compete on a 253-foot field, there are a lot of homers flying out of the park. Fans are encouraged to help retrieve the softball and, in turn, receive a reward for their assistance.

In 2008, local slugger Chadd Hawn was crowned the champion of the Home Run Derby. He took home a handsome trophy and a generous supply of fresh-baked cookies, provided by Ryan's Steakhouse.

2009, hard-hitting left Jay Shaw blasted his way to the top spot. In 2010, Paul Arndt, the oldest son in the Arndt family, won!

If you would like to be a part of this year's Home Run Derby, please contact us.